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Meeting Minutes of Munich HERA-B Group

HERA-B Offline Software at Munich

Until we get computing a bit more organized offline software will be stored on the alephdisk /alephshare/herab. Sometime we should think about getting our own machine...

Monte-Carlo Program HBGEAN

I am in the process of installing the Hera-B Monte Carlo program at Munich on the rs6000's of the lhc/aleph group. The program can be found in /alephshare/herab/hbgean03.

There is an interactive demonstration version in this directory called ig. You can run it if you want to see some pretty pictures.

To get going yourself with your own version, you can either copy the basic files from the hbgean directory or generate them directly from cmz, probably best especially if you want more than the minimal set of files. If you want to copy, then get first ig.f, ig.dat hbgeo.dat to your own space. Then create a subdirectory "work", and copy the files from hbgean03/work. Use cmz as described in the installation documentation In either case get hbgean03/Makefile Makefile, type make and you should generate your own version. Modified sources you can keep in work, and update the Makefile accordingly.

Further online documentation includes the CERN GEANT Manual, and a webified version of the hbgeant internal documentation. In additon see the note from S. Nowak.

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