Extended Joint ECFA/DESY Study
on Physics and Detectors for the Linear Collider

o Detector R&D Working Group

Rolf Heuer Ron Settles (Overall)
Ron Settles (Tracking)
Chris Damerell (Vertexing)
Jean-Claude Brient Paolo Checchia (Calorimetry)
Marcello Piccolo (Muon System + Other Detectors)

o Goals of this working group

This working group plans
1) to review the design of the reference detector in the Conceptual Design Report (DESY 1997-048/ECFA 1997-182), see also DESY 97-123E, and the Technical Design Report (http://tesla.desy.de/tdr/) especially in view of 5 x 10^34/(s cm^2) luminosity,
2) to invite reports on existing R&D programs,
3) to identify further R&D needed,
4) to consider modifications of the reference design in the light of physics demands and/or new techniques, and
5) to look at alternative detector strategies (e.g., at NLC and JLC)
6) to exchange information with parallel working groups in Asia and America.

Anyone interested in or working on R&D which is of use for the LC detector is kindly invited either to join or to let us know, and we shall be happy to keep you informed of our activities. This includes not only hardware prototyping but also for studies of detector or subdetector optimisation.

o General information about the ECFA/DESY study

Four working groups have been set up, covering:

Eight workshops are planned, the first four of which are...