International LC Tracking + Muon Report Conference via Telephone + VRVS with talks available on this website

Date: 31 March 2003

Times: 14-18h Amsterdam (main base)

07-11h East Coast America

04-08h West Coast America

21-01h Asia

Place: H331 at NIKHEF

(letter for the building and first digit for the floor)

*** Note that the times for North America and Asia have moved earlier by one hour because Europe changes to daylight savings time on March 30, whereas North America makes the change one week later. (Japan and Korea do not use daylight savings).


Dean Karlen booked the VRVS room ``Earth/Ocean'' for this meeting.


Jan Timmermans booked a telephoneconference with for Monday 31 March.

1. Dial:

2. Enter the conference entry code, followed by hash key when prompted:

3. You will be placed on hold and hear music until the host has joined the conference.


Options during the conference:

00 ask operator assistence;

11 mute the individual line, press 11 again to unmute the line.

More tips:

- You cannot enter the conference? Please dial the Service Desk

- Disconnected? Please dial again and enter your conference entry code.

- You can also reach SNT by e-mail:



In order to suppress heavy sound feedback, if you connect with both phone and VRVS, you should mute the VRVS sound both on 'input' and 'talk' if talking goes by phone. If you have only VRVS, you should mute your microphone when not talking.


The following agenda with talks represents also the documentation of the meeting.